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Hi there, I'm Doug Hall and I live in San Antonio, Texas, USA. I've been back in San Antonio for a few years now after being away for almost twenty years and I'm enjoying being able to spend time with family and old friends. I was born in Austin, Texas and I'm proud to say I'm a 'Real Texan', not one of those imported foreigners. While I was away I lived in Harlingen, Texas and Houston, Texas.



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I'm married to a wonderful lady from Iowa of all places. She's a Nurse Practitioner in a pediatric practice and is great with kids of all ages.

Our daughter is a great young lady and is attending the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts college in Austin, TX. Tough to have her living away from home but she gets home most weekends and we get to see her some.

We have 2 dogs, Bailey (small terrier) and Stacie (golden lab). The dogs won't swim in the pool, but when it gets hot they do get in and lay on the steps.

In addition, we have 3 cats, MiMi (fat, fluffy and gray), Cole (gray with tiger stripes) and Samantha (solid black). Samantha and MiMi do a good job of keeping the snakes and other critters out of the yard and Cole stays inside, except for the times he manages to sneak out.



    My friends are cool and most of them tend to be computer types as well. A couple of them even have web pages.



    I'm mostly into computers and I'd probably do most of what I do for free since I enjoy it so much, but I discovered that I could actually get paid for doing this computer stuff for others, amazing if you ask me.

    My company, Valley Soft Computer Systems, provides consulting, custom software development, technical services, and networking solutions. We do honest, quality work for a fair price and we stand behind our work.

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    I like computing, surfing the web, flying, motorcycling and having fun with my family and friends.  I enjoy working in the yard and around the house when it isn't too hot.  I also like to sit, sitting is fun.


    I found this Ziggy cartoon (from the Houston Chronicle) taped to my office door some years back. It is amazing how close these things can be to reality. (click on the picture for a larger view)


    Click for a larger view

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    The cartoon on the left was in a Farside calendar I received for Christmas one year. (click on the picture for a larger view)